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During your initial appointment for LASIK at any of our San Francisco area and Sacramento area offices, you will receive a thorough exam to evaluate whether laser vision correction is a recommended course of action. If you’re curious about your candidacy, the results of our questionnaire below can help you find out if laser vision correction is a good match for you.

If you’re ready to learn more, request a consultation online or call Kaiser Permanente Laser Vision Correction at (888) 330-0665.

Although a variety of factors go into determining your eligibility for LASIK, you may be a candidate if you’re a generally healthy individual over the age of 18. You should have stable vision for at least a year prior to undergoing LASIK. LASIK is not appropriate for people with long-term dry eye symptoms and those with certain conditions, including glaucoma, cataracts, or uncontrolled diabetes. Women who are nursing or pregnant should postpone LASIK surgery. Although people who use contact lenses are eligible for LASIK, it’s important to discontinue the use of these lenses for some time prior to the procedure. This is because contact lenses can alter the shape of the eye and make the procedure more challenging to perform.

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