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Why Kaiser Permanente

Clear, healthy vision is priceless, and the physicians and staff of Kaiser Permanente are committed to caring for it — and you — with warmth and expertise. When choosing Kaiser Permanente for laser eye surgery at any of our San Francisco and Bay Area clinics, you can trust that you’re being cared for by some of the most qualified, experienced eye care providers in Northern California.

We invite you to get started and learn for yourself what makes Kaiser Permanente great. Request a consultation online or call Kaiser Laser Vision Correction at (888) 330-0665.

High-Quality Physicians

Our board-certified refractive surgeons have decades of experience. They’ve performed thousands of LASIK procedures on fellow physicians, Kaiser Permanente employees, and patients like you.

Comprehensive Care

At Kaiser Permanente, our laser vision correction service is comprehensive. We don’t charge extra for postoperative care. Your quoted price includes:

  • A comprehensive clinical evaluation
  • Skilled follow-up care by KP refractive surgeons and optometrists and one (1) year of postoperative care and necessary enhancements
  • Professional surgical fee
  • Perioperative antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops

Medical Experience

Kaiser Permanente has been taking care of our members for more than 70 years. Our physicians in California are supported by a nationwide program of medical groups who share information and updates on best medical practices.

Collectively, our refractive surgeons perform thousands of eye surgeries every year and have additional expertise, including in corneal transplantation.

Patient Testimonials

Kaiser Permanente patients are typically happy to recommend us for laser vision correction. Here are some endorsements from people with firsthand experience undergoing a procedure at Kaiser Permanente Laser Vision Correction. Keep in mind that every individual is different, and your own results may vary. Results cannot be guaranteed.

John is the COO of the San Jose Sharks. He and his family have been KP members for years.

John had been researching laser vision surgery for a few years, but never pulled the trigger. It wasn’t until he started working with Dr. Mark Davies — the KP team physician for the Sharks – that he asked for a referral. Dr. Davies referred to John to Dr. Holtz at KP Santa Clara.

“LASIK sounded complicated and dangerous, but I had complete confidence in having my surgery at Kaiser Permanente. My experience was first class, clean, and very professional. Everything was extremely efficient – from the administration, prep, and the surgery itself. I felt safe and Dr. Holtz was phenomenal. Before the surgery, he educated me on the different types of laser surgery to determine what was right for me, and the actual surgery was quick and painless. I was back to work the next day. I have already recommended KP Laser Vision services to my friends and family, and will continue to do so.”

-John Tortora, LASIK patient in Santa Clara

“My laser vision experience with Kaiser was amazing. My initial evaluation was timely and thorough. Dr. Chandra is a master at what he does, and I was very glad to have him as my physician. I had considered LASIK years ago but was never quite ready. Now, I think I was meant to wait so that I could have the privilege of having such a skilled physician for such a delicate procedure. My evaluation showed that one of my eyes was borderline for having either traditional LASIK or PRK, which is more detailed, for lack of a better word. After having the choice and consequences explained, I chose the PRK. Although it was more painful and had a longer wait for the final result, I didn’t mind since I didn’t want to chance any unnecessary consequences with my eyes. Needless to say, I am extremely happy with my results. After having had to wear glasses since I was 9, being without them is a wonderful thing. I still need reading glasses in low light, which I was told everyone will require sooner or later no matter what, but that is nothing compared to the joy of the freedom from glasses that I have longed for. You can count on honest and friendly care from a great, health care-based hospital to support any follow-up needs. I recommend Kaiser Permanente and Dr. Chandra for anyone considering laser vision correction.”

-Lana W., PRK patient in Walnut Creek

“I am very pleased with my surgery! The experience was very nice from the moment I had my first visit and all the way through the process. Dr. Chandra and his staff were very informative, professional and kind. I felt really comfortable. It was a great experience and the best investment I’ve made. Thank you everyone for your kindness! Keep up the good work!”

-Mary T., MFIOL patient in Walnut Creek

“Due to severe myopia and astigmatism, I started wearing glasses at the age of five.  After thirty years of struggling with very poor vision, and all the costs and inconveniences that come with it, I finally did something about it. Dr. Chandra and his team performed surgery to give me phakic intraocular lenses in 2017, and three years later I can say it was the best medical decision I’ve ever made.  Life without a complete dependence on contact lenses and glasses for day-to-day tasks is amazing.  Dr. Chandra and his team were professional and thorough, both before and after the surgery, and the results speak for themselves.  I’ve gone from being functionally blind without my glasses to being able to run, swim, read, work and even drive without contacts or glasses.  I would highly recommend the procedure to anyone in the same situation.  Thanks Dr. Chandra!”

-Trevor G., Phakic IOL patient in Walnut Creek

“I came to Kaiser Permanente laser vision correction because I was really tired of wearing glasses. The glasses were heavy and giving me headaches. I had no peripheral vision and they weren’t conducive to my active lifestyle. I have five active children at home and work full-time. I also run and bike regularly. I was pretty nervous the day of the procedure. Dr. Ip and his staff were great. They told me exactly what to expect and explained what they were doing during the procedure. After the procedure, I was surprised at being able to walk out of the office. The next morning, I woke up and could see the leaves on the trees outside! It was amazing. I haven’t worn glasses since and my eyesight is excellent! My only regret is that I didn’t come in sooner. I can’t recommend Dr. Ip or his staff enough. Everyone was really nice and very professional.”

-Kristen, LASIK patient in San Francisco

“I had worked with the medical group at Redwood City on a project and was impressed with their team. As I visited other facilities, I asked some of the people from various ophthalmology departments about Redwood City’s capabilities and I heard more than once, ‘You gotta go see Jerry Chang!’ And so, I did. This highly recommended physician, however, said to me, ‘You gotta see Dr. Holsclaw!’ And so, I did.

“Working with Dr. Chang, Dr. Holsclaw, Dede Irwin, and the rest of the group was a joy. There is some trepidation when doing an elective surgery that affects something as important as your sight. They provided me with education, an environment of care and trust and then life without having to use my glasses. Everything was included and I never had to worry about extras and the, ‘Oh that’ll cost you more’.

“Before the procedure and during the exams, they carefully explained everything. And then they explained it with equal care, again, just before the procedure. And while the procedure was underway, they led me through the steps so that my anxieties were allayed. The follow-up care was excellent and I am completely satisfied. In fact, I don’t know why I waited so long, except that if I had done it earlier I might not have had such a wonderful team on my side.

“I’m a walking advertisement for the Redwood City team!”

-Mary, LASIK patient in Redwood City

“Being able to see again without glasses is great! It’s been 7 months since I had the LASIK surgery and I am so happy with my results. The physicians and staff were very reassuring and helpful with any questions I had in regards to the procedure. Anyone who has the opportunity to have LASIK surgery should do so without hesitation!”

-Alma, LASIK patient in Stockton

“Having worn prescription glasses since I was in 5th grade, I guess I really didn’t know how it felt to actually ‘see’ things. I started wearing contacts 10 years ago, but didn’t really care for all the work involved every morning and evening, not to mention all the times I got corneal abrasions due to my own tardiness.

“But I thought LASIK was NOT an option, and I didn’t think I would let anyone near my eyes.

“Dr. Chandra changed all that. Speaking with him and meeting him and his wonderful staff gave me the confidence to go ahead with LASIK. Dr. Chandra is a compassionate and wonderful physician. Thanks to him, after 25 years, I am now free of all my ‘crutches!'”

-Jennifer, LASIK patient in Walnut Creek

“The overall service and experience was excellent! Drs. Kenneth Ip, Richard Chan, James Wong, and their staff member Sarah Glauser were very thorough, and provided a comfort level that gave me a sense of ease and personalized care. I wish I would have done it sooner! I am thrilled with my results. In fact, Dr. Ip said I could be the ‘poster child’ for LASIK surgery given my great success.

“Since my surgery, I have received quality follow-up care. I have even recommended KP Laser Vision Correction to a few Kaiser Permanente employees and members. It feels great to be free from having to wear my eyeglasses, and to have had the opportunity to donate them to Unite for Sight, an organization that distributes glasses to children and adults in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.”

-Robert Hermann, LASIK patient in San Francisco

“One month out of LASIK – and things are AMAZING! I can’t believe how well I can see.”

-Michelle, LASIK patient in San Francisco

“My experience with Kaiser was everything you could ask for. I went in and I was so nervous. Dr. Ip was very calming and so was all of the staff. They took care of me. It was a short procedure and they talked me through it all before everything was done and even as we went along. My recovery was fast. But Kaiser and Dr. Ip and all his staff kept in touch and scheduled all follow-up appointments. It was the easiest and best decision I’ve ever made, and I would do it again!”

-Katie, LASIK patient in San Francisco

“I had researched Lasik services relatively extensively online, and contacted a few that had good reviews. None of them were very friendly, and they also didn’t have up to date information (prices, scheduling, etc.) on their website. It seemed like the whole process was going to be difficult. Then I realized that Kaiser (my healthcare provider through work) offered LASIK (I saw a flyer in the elevator when I was there for another visit). I decided to check it out, and am so glad I did! I was able to get a free consultation session within a week. It took about 2 hours, but it was the only appointment needed before my surgery. My surgery was scheduled less than 3 weeks later (you have to go without wearing contacts for a certain amount of time before the surgery). The procedure was in Novato and took less than 30 minutes, start to finish. I felt safe, secure, and informed through the entire process. I had to keep my eyes closed as much as possible that evening, but the next day, I was allowed to resume all normal behavior. And I could see! The follow-up appointments were all pleasant, on time, and informative. It’s now been over a year, and I can’t believe I waited this long to get the surgery — it really is life-changing! I’d highly recommend the team at Kaiser!”

-Erin, LASIK patient in San Francisco

“I was really impressed with everything, from the seamless connection between appointments to the care and specific support and information I received from Dr. Ip directly.”

-Lisa, LASIK patient in San Francisco

“Dear Dr. Chandra, I am very glad that I decided to choose you to be my surgeon for my LASIK eye surgery. I wanted to get laser eye correction for many years and I am very thankful that I finally received it from you! You were very kind to answer all my questions before, during, and after my surgery. I chose LASIK/IntraLase with Wavefront, and opted for the best distance vision for both of my eyes. It was the most expensive option, and at first I wondered if it was worth the money, but having the consultation with you helped me in deciding to go for the best option for me.

“During the surgery, I focused on the positive result, rather than the operation itself, so that I was never afraid of the procedure. On top of that, you and your staff took time to make sure I knew what was going on. Therefore, I felt very comfortable and was never scared.

“There was no pain even after the anesthetic wore off, and I was comfortable enough that I could sleep and rested my eyes without an additional Valium. The next day after the surgery, I could see everything all around me! I couldn’t believe my eyes! At the appointment with you the day after the surgery, you told me that there were no wrinkles or complications at all, and I was very, very thankful for the beautiful result.

“My boyfriend took me backpacking in the Yosemite wilderness 10 days after my surgery and I was very excited that I could see all the definitions of the mountains, hills, water, leaves, birds, clouds, sunset, stars, moon, and all the beautiful things in nature. I was never able to see such details even with contact lenses or glasses. I was very excited that I could see so much both near and far, and I told my boyfriend that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. He was very happy to see me embracing the pure joy.

“Thank you very much again, Dr. Chandra, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you have done for me. You are the best eye surgeon I could ask for!”

-Tamami Carney, LASIK patient in Walnut Creek

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